• Cpanel email vs Protonmail vs Microsoft Exchange what is the best email provider?

    If you ever read in a subject something like "whitelisted" then you know you have got issues with your email delivery. So in our case, a Contract Brewery told us about the hassle to find a suitable email provider. We used this opportunity to compare Cpanel email vs Protonmail vs Microsoft Exchange and clear what is the best email provider. For clarification and out of ethical reason, we can't recommend Gmail. 

    The First question is:

    How to analyze the email delivery from your Cpanel? We used a Mail-Tester.com service in order to see the quality of our provider. These tests analyze if your IP address is blacklisted or other causes a good email delivery.We hit with one test email address a score of 5/10. From a business perspective, everything below 9/10 is not acceptable. Therefore let's compare alternatives. 

    1. Protonmail

    Protomail is an in Switzerland hosted email provider who apparently even the CIA can't hack. So far so good. After setting up our email addresses we hit a clean 10/10. No blacklisting, no other issues. We are impressed. 

    Is Protonmail suitable for Corporations?

    Protonmail encrypt all email addresses and is only usable as web-solution or with a bridge. The bridge connect Protonmail with certain Email program's like outlook. Therefore, it is not usable as a classic IMAP email address and, email addresses cannot be reassigned to additional users. Also, generic email addresses like mail@business.xyz cannot be accessed from a group of people. For some companies, it is ok in the corporate world it is a no go. 
    The conclusion:
    If you only have a very small company where everyone has its own email address it might be a great fit. For sure its the most secure email provider. Everyone, who plans to grow its business, Protonmail can't catch up.A big minus also is - as a paid customer, the email support took 24 hours! Can you afford such a bad service? As soon as you cancel the subsribtion, they contact you almost immediately.

    2. Microsoft Exchange

    One of the biggest players in the Corporate world. The company offers several servers in several countries and continents. A big plus point to have the chance to change the jurisdiction. After the setup of the Exchange email, our email score was 7.5/10. The IP address was blacklisted at one service. Two days later and without complaining we reached a clean 10/10. We are impressed.


    Microsoft Exchange is built for corporations. Exactly there is also the downfall of this service. Microsoft offers probably all email services and settings you can imagine but either you have an Exchange specialist or your team need to invest hours and hours to get it set up perfect. With email groups etc. etc. Also, Microsoft has the worst interface we have ever seen. It is complex and not intuitive.

    Wich mail provider is better?

    There are hundreds if not even thousands of email provider on the market. We also asked in our network around and almost none would recommend any 3. party besides the big players. We were also curious about certain alternatives and asked a few sales chat if they can provide us with email delivery statistics? The unsatisfying answer was too often: "You can test us, we have a free trial." Gmail suite has a great reputation for sending out emails as well as reading your emails and even giving their business partners the access to read/scan all of your emails. Thanks but no thanks. Altogether, if you're lucky and your cpanel email provider offers you a great and clean email address with a score of 9/10, that's perfect. If you need or want the most secure email addresses. Protonmail is your way to go. Be aware they aren't up to date with almost everything like email tracking or other standards (stand July 2018) You plan your company to expand into an enterprise? We truly recommend Microsoft Exchange. If you hate tech and don't have someone who can handle the nightmare of the exchange settings? Microsoft might not be the right partner, but they do have a very good and helpful support.

    Jul 31, 2018 Posted by : N P
    • Cpanel email vs Protonmail vs Microsoft Exchange what is the best email provider?

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